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Mahfuz Anam hatches conspiracy to depoliticise Sheikh Hasina

Mahfuz Anam hatches conspiracy to depoliticise Sheikh Hasina
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  • 13th September, 2021 10:14:49 PM
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Mahfuz Anam, who announced crusade against Awami League government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is engaged in deep-rooted conspiracy to eliminate Bangabandhu’s daughter from the politics and power, said various sources.

Being a habitual conspirator, he played key role in “1/11” upheaval to depoliticise Bangabandhu’s daughter and in withdrawal of World Bank fund from Padma Bridge project.

Mahfuz Anam was behind the gruesome grenade attack on Awami League rally on August 21, 2004 killing at least 24 people including Ivy Rahman and critically injuring Sheikh Hasina. The attack was aimed at killing Bangabandhu’s daughter and the then leader of the opposition Sheikh Hasina. However, she survived the attack.

During the infamous caretaker regime in 2007-2008, Anam earned a bad name by fixing agendas of the unconstitutional ruler to cage the democracy by confining and prosecuting the great political leader and her associates. He tried to divide Awami League into two parts by creating faction and patronising opportunists, reformists and dissidents.

He played important role in raising allegation of corruption in the country’s dream Padma Bridge and misguiding global lender World Bank to withdraw fund based on such allegation. Finally, it was proved in the investigation by Bangladesh and Canadian agencies and trial by Bangladesh and Canadian courts that the corruption allegation was absolutely false.

So-called journalist Anam did not spend the tumultuous time of the country’s Liberation War in 1971 as a gentleman. He did not side with the freedom fighters. Rather, he played a notorious role in the crucial juncture of the nation.  He was a thematic accomplice of the Pakistani occupation forces, Jamaat, Razakar and Al-Badr groups.  

After assassination of the architect of the country’s independence Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975, atrocity of Mahfuz Anam knew no bounds. When he worked for the foreign organisations and NGOs, he used to damage the country’s interest in various ways.

Without having any brilliant journalistic background, Mahfuz Anam managed to make an intrusion into the English newspaper The Daily Star in 1991. He took support of anti-Bangladesh foreign powers for joining the newspaper.  Since then, he has been polluting and abusing the daily to annihilate family members of Bangabandhu and pro-liberation party Awami League. He is continuously spreading propaganda in this regard.

As part of this plan, Mahfuz Anam got into a mission to depoliticise Bangabandhu’s daughter, the then leader of the opposition and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina. After unconstitutional takeover of power by caretaker government in 2007, Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam assigned his newspaper’s CEO  Syed Fahim Munaim as press secretary to such government’s Chief Adviser Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed. He used to dominate policymaking of the CG. Mahfuz Anam published a lot of articles supporting the caretaker government and abusing the democratic system of governance and top politicians.

Resorting to media trial, Mahfuz brought graft charges against Sheikh Hasina. He published news and articles to establish the allegation against her. He also took a desperate move to split two major political parties and prosecute top political leaders, bureaucrats and industrialists to facilitate uninterrupted continuation of caretaker regime.

At one stage, Mahfuz Anam opted to be a politician. Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus felt similar attraction towards politics. Although Yunus got Nobel for peace, he championed creation of unrest in the country. Diamond casts diamond. The duo got united to launch a new party during the 1/11 episode, notwithstanding the dedicated politicians and common people thwarted such evil agenda.

In January 2009, Awami League came to power through a landslide victory in the parliamentary polls held in December 2008. The government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina adopted various milestone agendas for achieving tremendous socioeconomic and infrastructural development putting Bangladesh on the global competitive edge. But Mahfuz Anam and Yunus took a desperate bid to foil those. They targeted the country’s dream project Padma Bridge initiated by the government. The duo held several meetings with the World Bank officials. Mahfuz Anam published series reports during a period from 2011 to 2012 raising graft allegation in the project. Such allegation was made at a time when the project did not see release of a single penny. Making such allegation was just “putting the cart before the horse.”

Later, JICA, ADB and other donor agencies followed the footstep of showed their back to Bangladesh. The then communications minister Syed Abul Hossain was forced to resign. Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigated into the allegation and found no authenticity.

In an interview with media, former ACC commissioner Muhammad Shahabuddin Chuppu said Mahfuz Anam was involved in the conspiracy to withdraw WB funding from Padma Bridge.

“Mahfuz Anam had been plotting to oust the government since takeover of power by Awami League. As Padma Bridge was the mega project, Mahfuz Anam gang vowed to use the project as its tool to put the government out of power by raising question about integrity. To implement the evil plan, the Daily Star editor joined hands with other anti-state elements,” he said.

Noted economist and former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank Khandker Ibrahim Khaled, talking to a private TV, mentioned names of four top conspirators who were engaged in disturbing the Padma Bridge. Mahfuz Anam and Dr Yunus are among of the four named by him.