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Dharamshala: Tibetan Women's Association slams China for denying Tibetans freedom and culture

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  • 13th September, 2021 05:53:24 PM
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Dharamshala: Tibetan Women's Association slams China for denying Tibetans freedom and culture

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Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh), September 11, 2021(ANI): The Tibetan Women's Association in exile based in Dharamshala on Saturday while celebrating its 37th-anniversary slammed China for denying the Tibetans their freedom and culture.

Highlighting the atrocities committed by China, a member of the association said, "We want to raise the issue for the cause of Tibet freedom. You can't deny the Tibetans their culture. You can't resist Tibetans to move towards their own goal and you can't stop us." She also said that the occasion is celebrated to honour those who sacrificed their life for Tibet.

"Today we are celebrating the 37th anniversary of Tibetan Women's Association, re-establishment in-exile. We are commemorating the occasion. We are honouring those brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Tibet," she added.

Also speaking on the occasion, Tenzin Dolma, President of Central Tibetan Women Association said, "Today is the establishment of Tibetan Women Association in-exile. This is the 37th year of the establishment. My most important message is unity. By His Holiness Dalai Lama's advice and under his blessing, we have to take responsibility more than other countries."

Chinese troops occupied Tibet in 1950 and later annexed it. The 1959 Tibetan uprising saw violent clashes between Tibetan residents and Chinese forces.

The 14th Dalai Lama fled to neighbouring India after the failed uprising against Chinese rule. The Dalai Lama, the supreme Tibetan Buddhist leader, established a government-in-exile in India.

There are at present more than 10,000 Tibetans living in Dharamsala alone, and an estimated 160,000 Tibetan exiles around the world. (ANI)