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Anger as graffiti of historic figures erased in Uruzgan

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  • 8th September, 2021 06:09:53 PM
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Anger as graffiti of historic figures erased in Uruzgan

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TIRINKOT (Pajhwok): The Culture and Information Department of central Uruzgan province has erased graffiti of national personalities on walls in Tirinkot City, the provincial capital, angering local people.

One year back, the former government Culture and Information Department had drawn the pictures of Ghazni Amanullah Khan, Ameer Abdul Rahman Khan, King Zahir Shah, Sardar Dawod Khan, Rahman Baba and other personalities on the department walls with small notes about them.

But on Saturday, these graffiti were painted, angering civil society activists and youth.

Mohammad Naseem Hematzai, a resident of Uruzgan province, said eradication of national personalities’ pictures from walls had disappointed them.

“Their faces taught us our past, they are our national personalities, if their pictures are on the walls, there is no problem.”

An official of the Cultural Affairs Department GhulamNabi Ulfat said these wall paintings were made in a wrong place therefore they were erased.

“During prayers our attention would divert by these photos therefore this is not an appropriate place and should be changed.”

He assured these graffiti would be soon drawn in a suitable place soon.