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Deep-rooted conspiracy to annihilate largest business conglomerate which greases wheel of economy

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  • 8th September, 2021 12:18:05 AM
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Deep-rooted conspiracy to annihilate largest business conglomerate which greases wheel of economy
Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury (left), his son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun (middle) and Pro-BNP Barrister M Sarwar Hossain

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Bashundhara Group, the country’s leading business conglomerate, has been playing a significant role in Bangladesh’s forward march. The conglomerate has expanded its business in various sectors in the last three decades.

About one crore people of the country are directly and indirectly dependent on this group. Some 50,000 people have been directly employed there. The conglomerate is making an effort to keep the country’s money in the country despite a trend of money laundering abroad.

At a time when the country is moving forward rapidly to be an economically prosperous one, a plot has been hatched to destroy Bashundhara Group through filing a conspiracy case. Recent efforts to destroy this conglomerate are tantamount to stifling the country’s progress, experts say.

According to sources, ringleaders of the anti-state conspiracy clique have taken an active stand behind the case filed on Monday against the members of Bashundhara industrial family.

There are several cases of anti-state conspiracy and sabotage against this clique. Over the last one decade, the organised clique has been carrying out propaganda against the state, the government, Bangabandhu’s family and other eminent and distinguished personalities of the country.

It has been learnt that the clique is active again in anti-state conspiracy by capitalising on the death of Mosarat Jahan Munia who was found dead at a Gulshan flat on April 26 last.

The members of the clique at home and abroad are desperate to put the government in an awkward situation.

The vested quarter is being funded by Awami League MP and Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury alias Bichchhu Samshu, who intruded into the ruling party from other political parties, and his son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun.

According to sources, Munia’s sister Nusrat Jahan Tania filed a rape and murder case against eight people, including four members of the Bashundhara industrial family, with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal-8 of Dhaka. The Bashundhara Group Chairman, Managing Director (MD) and some other well-known people have been made accused in the case though they had no connection with the death of the girl at all.

Earlier, cashing in on the same incident, Nusrat had filed a case against Bashundhara Group MD Sayem Sobhan Anvir with Gulshan Police Station only with a purpose to blackmail him. On the basis of the investigation report submitted by the police on August 18, the court ordered exoneration of the Bashundhara MD from charges.

According to the relevant sources, the huge contribution of Bashundhara Group to the irresistible progress of the country is appreciated by all. Bashundhara Group has been involved in various industries, including housing, since 1985. So far, the business of this group has been expanded in many sectors, including cement and bitumen. The group has more than 45 industrial establishments in various sectors across the country.

Bashundhara Group alone contributes about 21 percent to the growth of the housing sector. Apart from this, the industrial group is also contributing the most to the social and human development than other industrial groups. At the marginal level, it has provided interest-free loans to 20,780 ultra-poor families.

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, the leader of the industrial group which has been expanding for more than three decades, is an esteemed personality of the country. Through his business farsightedness, he became a partner in the development of the country and developed a platform to change the fate of millions of frustrated unemployed youths.

Following his footsteps, Sayem Sobhan Anvir is working with the conviction of making this industrial group a modern and suitable one to enrich the country. The attempt to frame respected and eminent people like them in conspiratorial cases has caused surprise and anger.

Who is lawyer Sarwar?

Barrister M Sarwar Hossain is the lawyer of the case filed by Nusrat Jahan Tania with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal.

Sarwar is accused in several cases filed on charges of violence and anti-state conspiracy. The controversial lawyer is actively involved in the case filed by Nusrat.

During investigation, it was learnt that Sarwar hailing from Indurkani in Pirojpur district is the son of Abdul Hakim Hawlader. His father was a member of Muslim League and also an identified Razakar.

Sarwar’s family members have been involved with BNP’s politics as per his legacy. Once he also worked at Bangladesh Army.

At one stage, he got introduced with Tarique Rahman. He was sacked from the army job during the caretaker government in 2007-08 over various sensitive charges.

According to intelligence sources, Sarwar visited Pakistan several times with his wife Sheikh Sonia. They also met the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI for several times at five-star Serena Hotel in Islamabad.

One of the aims of the meetings was to destabilise Bangladesh. Even, he along with the ISI also conspired for several times to vanish the Bangabandhu family.

Sources said Sarwar was also one of the masterminds of arson, sabotage and sedition acts unleashed during the BNP’s anti-government movement in 2013. He also spent five months in prison in the case.

Tarique Rahman had given the initial nomination to Sarwar for taking part in the 11th parliamentary elections with BNP’s ticket from Pirojpur. He along with Tarique Rahman, a convicted fugitive in the August 21 grenade attack case, is still involved in anti-state activities.

Sarwar is one of the key persons who are constantly spreading anti-state rumours and propaganda from different countries. Propaganda is going on by opening anonymous pages of Facebook and online IP TVs.

They are trying to create a volatile situation by capitalising on emotions and general beliefs of the common people of the country. From the very beginning, the gang has been making defamatory remarks about the government and law enforcement agencies cashing in on the Munia’s suicide issue.

The gang’s latest anti-state conspiracy is the bad attempt to implicate innocent people, including the bosses of Bashundhara Group, in the false case.

Financer Bichchhu Shamsu syndicate

Various media outlets owned by Bashundhara Group have been publishing reports against the Bichchhu Shamsu syndicate over theft of corona vaccines, illegal VoIP business, Yaba business, murder of banker Morshed and several other irregularities and corruption.

And for that reason, Whip Shamsul filed a case against the Chairman and Managing Director (MD) of Bashundhara Group earlier. Making Nusrat a ‘chess piece’, he has started malpractice again over the Munia issue.

The investigation says that whip’s son Sharun was directly involved in Munia’s death. Terrible torture comes down whenever anyone takes a stand against Bichchhu Shamsu and his son. Sharun became so terrified to take revenge that he killed his girlfriend Munia to defeat his opponent.

And in order to cover up his misdeeds and defeat his opponent, he subdued Munia’s sister Nusrat with crores of taka and tried to frame the Bashundhara Group MD in a fabricated case.

Saifa Rahman Meem, ex-wife of Sharun, is the sixth accused in the rape and murder case. According to sources, Meem left her husband’s family due to Sharun’s extramarital affairs with Munia.

There have been attempts to frame Meem in Nusrat’s case out of anger as she has witnessed Sharun’s various misdeeds and filed a case against him.

Even the innocent owners of the house which Munia rented were made accused in the new case for cooperating with the investigation officer with truthful information in the first case. Model Faria Mahbub Piyasha, who was arrested by law enforcers last month, has also been made an accused in the case for leaking a lot of sensitive information about Sharun during remand after her arrest.