Friday, 17 September, 2021

Mahfuz Anam hatches conspiracy

Mahfuz Anam hatches conspiracy

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  • 3rd September, 2021 08:54:01 PM
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The Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam is hatching a conspiracy to create unrest among the Hindus by destroying the thousands of year’s unity and tradition of the community.

Speakers on Friday came up with the remarks while addressing at a human chain and protest rally in front of National Press Club in the capital arranged by “Hindu Paribarik Ain Songsodhon Protirodh Ainjibi Somonnoy Parishad” protesting the move of amendment of Hindu Law.

They demanded cancellation of registration of the Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) immediately and bring the people behind the conspiracy to book.

The speakers also said people of the Hindu Community do not want any amendment in the law but some apostates are shouting for the change. They are neither educated in religion nor represent the community. They also urged the government not to fall into the trap of conspiracy of the NGOs.

Advocate Dipankar Sarkar, joint general secretary of the Puja Udjapan Parishad, said the committee formed to reform Hindu law is not a committee from the Hindu organizations; it is just a conspiracy from the NGOs.

“We have not seen any of their activities in the past. When Hindus have become vocal, the NGOs are trying to create unrest among Hindus. None of you will be confused by the NGOs,” he said

Secretary General of ‘Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajote’ Govinda Chandra Pramanik, said Mahfuz Anam and his wife Shaheen Anam are the masterminds behind the conspiracy.

“Shaheen Anam is working to create division among Hindus by giving money to various NGOs through MJF. Hindus will not allow them to fulfill their dream as the people of Hindu community are united,” he said

He said “Some apostates have formed alliances with NGOs to trouble the situation before the next general election. They know that Hindus have traditionally been voting for the Awami League. But they are trying to make AL controversial among the Hindus by amending the law.”

“We hope the government will not fall into that trap.”

He also said “We gave an ultimatum to Mahfuz Anam and Shaheen Anam to beg for an apology but they did not take that opportunity, even now they started a new conspiracy. Greater movement will be formed against them. I will request the government to revoke the licenses of these conspiratorial NGOs.”

Advocate Binoy Kumar Ghosh, joint secretary of the Puja Udjapan Parishad, said the Hindu community is with the government. A vested quarter is trying to unrest the situation using the NGOs.

“They had tried to make the incumbent Prime Minister controversial during the 1/11 period while Mahfuz Anam tried to create controversy by publishing false news in his newspapers and tried to destabilize the country.”

“He has become active again and is trying to create unrest with the support of his wife-owned NGO. He is the mastermind behind everything.”

Advocate Kishore Ranjan Mandal, general secretary of the Mahanagar Puja Udjapan Parishad, said the Manusher Jonno Foundation along with few other NGOs are trying to create conflict among Hindus.

“The NGOs will not be spared. Public opinions will be taken all over the country while action will be taken against those who are conspiring,” he said

Speakers also said two NGOs and some vested quarters are trying to divide in Hindu community. The licenses of these NGOs should be canceled immediately. Otherwise, a countrywide movement will be called to resist the evil force.

Advocate Sushanto Basu presided over the event while Advocate Laki Basar, Advocate Pativa Bakci and Advocate Sankar Das also spoke among others.