Friday, 17 September, 2021

Taliban smuggle US Humvees and fighting vehicles into Pakistan to sell to terrorists

Taliban smuggle US Humvees and fighting vehicles into Pakistan to sell to terrorists

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  • 26th August, 2021 03:07:18 PM
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Millions of pounds worth of stolen US military hardware is being exported out of Afghanistan by Taliban networks.

Lines of US Army Humvees and other armoured fighting vehicles were seen being ferried into Pakistan.

Many of the vehicles will be sold on to terror networks to swell the Taliban’s multi-billion pound war chest.

Pictures of one convoy revealed military trucks being transferred all the way to Quetta City, in Pakistan, long-believed to be the Afghan Taliban leadership’s HQ.

It is suspected that Pakistan’s feared Inter Services Intelligence agency has secretly given the go-ahead to the blatant export of US military vehicles.

A source said: “It seems the Taliban now have so much hardware left by the fleeing Afghan Army, donated to them by the Americans, that they are now exporting them.”

Frontier city Quetta, in Pakistan, is a three hour drive from Kandahar and is a haven for terror groups and the drug trade – especially Heroin.

Many of its population are Pashtoun, the same tribe as the Taliban and it is believed The Quetta Shura – the Taliban’s leadership council is based there.

Taliban figures fled to Quetta when they were exiled by the US-led ousting of Taliban rule after 9-11 and much of the money from Gulf donors to the Taliban is funnelled via Quetta.

Wounded Taliban fighters are taken there to recuperate.

The Mirror has revealed this week how the US left billions of pounds of arms and equipment in Afghanistan - most of it now in Taliban hands.


Source:  Mirror