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Ahmed Food Products Pvt Ltd gets recognition of ‘Entrepreneurial Company’

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  • 22nd August, 2021 05:38:42 PM
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Ahmed Food Products Pvt Ltd gets recognition of ‘Entrepreneurial Company’

For the 10th consecutive time in a row from Bangladesh, Ahmed Food Products (Pvt.) Limited got the recognition of ‘Entrepreneurial Company’ in the event of Decade of Excellence 2021 award ceremony by The BIZZ.

In the same event Ahmed Food’s Managing Director Mr. Minhaj Ahmed got the recognition of ‘Excellence in Marketing Management’ by The BIZZ.

THE BIZZ, USA was created by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), to offer to The global business community has a range of benefits that further their development.

It gathers and recognizes leading businesses from different regions that contribute to the daily growth of their local economy and the world economy.  With the effort, dedication and hard work of Mr. Minhaj Ahmed, Ahmed Food has always made their way into the international award recognitions for decades.

In this present Pandemic situation where most of the companies are in bad shape in terms of growth and prospect, Ahmed Food is adopting new business tactics with the supervision of its Managing Director.

With a motive to lead the local market and expand in global markets Minhaj Ahmed is guiding the Ahmed Food Team towards the goal where these awards are marking the success.

For an era, Ahmed Food has been presenting Bangladesh to the world by maintaining the quality of its products. Many best wishes to Ahmed Food and its MD Minhaj Ahmed for achieving this success.