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Delight in Alvina's Authentic Essence

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  • 22nd August, 2021 05:09:38 PM
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Deeply cultivating the dream of Alvina to be known by one name by every single person in her heart, Sharmin Sultana initiated her venture in 2011. To keep up with the digital demand, Alvina started its online service by opening its E-commerce website.

Alvina is a beauty, cosmetic & personal care, and clothing brand. Sharmin always cherished the idea of doing something on her own. And that’s the reason after completing her Master’s Degree in English, she joined in a renowned school but left it soon, as she realized the job was not for her. It was the time she thought about her business. 

And finally, without any kind of support, Alvina started its journey in 2011. As now their main focus is the online shop, we can call it an online-based shop. Online shopping is a great help for busy personalities. Again, the recent Covid situation changed the whole dynamic. A lot of customers are more comfortable with online shopping. Thus, it made the base of their online venture stronger.

But that doesn't stop them from bringing surprises for their offline customers. They do understand how some of us like to touch the products, understand the quality and look thoroughly before buying. So, they have both online and offline facilities.

Even after having full support from her family, the start of the journey was not really easy for Sharmin, especially being a woman. But she had a keen desire to do something and that’s how the journey started with her own designed clothes. After that gradually the business grew by adding other essential products for girls. And now Alvina offers not only clothing and accessories but also watches and handbags. 

Right now, they make local products like dresses, jewelry, etc. They also import high-quality abroad products from the UK, China, and India. 

There is a huge amount of competition between brands in this field nowadays. So why would anyone choose their service when they have so many other options available?

Alvina always believes in Quality over Quantity. They never compromise with the quality. That's the only strategy they follow. They always try to evaluate their customers' likes-dislikes and provide them with the best of the best. They maintain the price and quality of products hand in hand. This is how Alvina functions.

The demand for skin care, hair care, and makeup products are highly increasing in recent times. So, a lot of new brands came up with such ventures but Alvina always tries to leave a mark by being the best to their customers. That's what makes them different. 

This is what Sharmin Sultana has done: she has dreamt, prepared, grown to be encumbered with work, and has impressed consumers by giving her best to the table! Right now, she is a wife and mom and her biggest identity are that she is a successful entrepreneur who now dreams that her company would stand out as such a brand that everyone will know. 

In the Mohammadpur Mohammadia Housing Society, to be exact.

Be sure to stop by for a memorable experience! For more information, see their website. Whenever you need them, they're available.