Monday, 25 October, 2021

Corona patients suffer for delay in getting test results

A long delay in coronavirus testing and report delivery has created great trouble and mental agonies for the people seeking treatment facilities for the infection of the deadly pathogen and other diseases in the country.

Many also alleged that long delays in getting the coronavirus testing results are creating some other problems, including official purpose, and they are being affected for this problem.

“I gave my sample 18 days back for corona testing, but have not yet got the test report,” Abdul Mukith, a resident of Badda area in the capital, told the Daily Sun.

Talking to the correspondent, some people said they gave necessary samples to sample collection booths at different places and at different hospitals at different districts across the country and in Dhaka city but got reports after long delays ranging from week to month.

Sharing their experience, some people in the capital said they got positive results of their test, more than a week later but during the time they became mentally week and their condition also deteriorated.

On the other hand, some people said they got negative results of the Covid-19 test after more than a week time but during the time they were very much worried about their health condition and remained isolated from family and others.

“My father is seriously sick but we can’t take him to hospital in Dhaka from Noakhali without test results of coronavirus. We got the test results after a week of giving the sample,” Tutul, a resident of Badda area said.

Asked about delay in getting the Covid-19 test results, Prof Dr Robed Amin, spokesperson of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), said that it is being delayed to publish the test results as there is a backlog of 20,000-25,000 test reports.

“We are trying to clear the backlog to regularise the coronavirus test reports,” he said.

Robed Amin, also Line Director (NCDC) of the DGHS, claimed that delay in test results of coronavirus doesn’t hamper its treatment and the coronavirus treatment is based on symptoms.

Prof Dr Mijanur Rahman, Line Director (HIS & e-Health) of the DGHS, said some backlog of the coronavirus test reports have been created at few places of the country due to long distance and limited manpower.

“People have become aware of the coronavirus test. Now a number of people are testing the coronavirus which has created a pressure on us as we have limited manpower to carry out the service,” he said.

Health experts said a delay in corona-testing report delivery pushes people into mental crisis as they remain worried before getting the test reports thinking whether they are positive or negative for Covid-19.

They also emphasised on increasing the coronavirus testing facilities 'immediately' and increasing necessary manpower across the country to ensure that the spread of the extremely pandemic disease can be contained by isolating infected people from others.

“We have suggested increasing coronavirus testing facilities across the country in a bid to isolate Covid-19 patients and the government is also working to that end,” Dr Nazrul Islam, a member of the national advisory committee on Covid-19, told the Daily Sun.

Health experts have advised the government to appoint an adequate number of manpower, including medical technologists, to deliver the coronavirus test reports rapidly.

According to the DGHS, the coronavirus test facility is now available at 708 laboratories across the country, including in Dhaka. There are 133 RT PCR (Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) labs (55 government and 78 private), 53 Genexpert labs (50 government and 3 private) and 522 rapid antigen test lab (489 government and 33 private) in the country.

Around 40,000 and above samples have been testing coronavirus everyday across the country for the last few weeks.

The DGHS data said 41,751 samples were collected to diagnose coronavirus and 40,641 samples were tested in the last 24 hours till 8:00am on Friday. Some 8,465 coronavirus infected patients were detected and 197 patients died during the time in the country.

A total of 14,05,333 coronavirus infection cases were detected after testing 83,42,190 samples since after first detection of the coronavirus case on March 8 last year.