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India-made drug to cure mild Covid-19

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  • 11th August, 2021 06:01:04 PM
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India-made drug to cure mild Covid-19

A little known biosciences company near Kolhapur in Maharashtra is testing a new drug that could potentially become India’s first indigenously developed cure for Covid-19, at least for mild and moderately-infected patients.

In early tests, the drug is promising to turn infected patients RT-PCR negative in 72-90 hours. The candidate drug is currently undergoing phase 1 human trials that are likely to be completed by the end of this month.

With a little help from vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India (SII), iSera Biological, a four-year-old company that is engaged mainly in the production of antiserum products for snake bites, rabies, and diphtheria, has developed a potent cocktail of Covid-19 antibodies which administered to a mild or moderately ill patient, prevents the disease from spreading further in the body, and neutralises the existing virus, The Indian Express reported.

The cocktail comprises very specific Covid-19 neutralising antibodies, purified to remove all extraneous chemicals. The antibodies are developed in horses by injecting them with specific antigens obtained from the virus.

Horses were chosen for the development of antibodies because, being large animals, they produce large amounts of antibodies, Nandkumar Kadam, Director (New Products) at iSera Biologicals, said.