Sunday, 19 September, 2021

ADP implementation yet to reach pre-corona level

ADP implementation yet to reach pre-corona level

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Implementation of development budget modestly improved in 2020-21 fiscal year but it was far behind that of pre-Covid level as the twist in development activities continued last fiscal due to prolonged corona crisis.

82.21 percent of Revised ADP allocation could be spent in FY20, up from 80.39 percent money utilization in FY19 that first saw the corona crisis, suggest latest data of Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED).

In the previous three fiscal years, ADP performances were 94.66 percent, 94.11 percent and 89.76 percent respectively.

IMED says the finance division put restriction on releasing 15 percent ADP money from GoB portion, except for ministries like health and agriculture, in the last fiscal considering the crisis, which has been reflected in the performance.

“ADP performance may look somewhat gloomy if overall RADP allocation is taken into account. But the situation will look much better once the ratio of release of GoB money and expenditure is considered,” IMED Secretary Pradip Ranjan Chakraborty told the Daily Sun on Monday.  

Overall utilisation of local resource allocation in RADP stood at 83.20 percent. The government released 86.44 percent money from the GoB portion of ADP in FY21 and eventually 96.25 of the released fund was spent, according to IMED.

The IMED secretary, however, admitted that the Covid-19 crisis definitely has a negative impact on ADP implementation, arguing that project procurement from abroad and foreign project consultants’ services were disrupted as many countries have still continued movement restrictions. 

Overall ADP money expenditure saw 6.37 percent year-on-year growth to Tk 1,720.50 billion in the last fiscal from Tk 1,617.41  billion a year earlier.

Local resources utilization rose to Tk 1,120.19 billion or 83.20 percent from FY20’s Tk 1,079.33 billion or 82.44 percent from total RADP allocation, while project utilization climbed to Tk 52,421 billion or 83.21 percent from Tk 47,044 billion or 75.88 percent.

Meanwhile, ADP implementation by the autonomous public corporations stood at only 65.44 percent with Tk 76.10 billion total expenditure. Their performance was 81.70 percent one year ago.

Top 15 ministries and divisions that fetched 84.63 percent ADP money managed to post 82.95 percent ADP performance with science and technology ministry coming out as the top performer among them with 101.29 percent accomplishment rate.

Power division could post 89.71 percent performance followed by road transport and highways division’s 87.98 percent, railways ministry’s 84.97 percent civil aviation ministry’s 84.92 percent, bridges division’s 83.76 percent, and secondary and higher education division’s 83.68 percent. Large implementing agency local government division managed to achieve 81.44 percent ADP performance with health services division hitting the bottom out of the large agencies with only 57.91 performance.  Out of all the 58 implementing agencies of the government energy and mineral resources division showed outstanding performance of 104.27 percent.