Sunday, 26 September, 2021

Be Your Own Showstopper

  • By Sylvia Akther
  • 9th August, 2021 11:00:01 PM
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Now a days if we start to thinking of doing anything we will get unlimited ideas on internet. But in these ideas we need to understand which we will be best for me. To understand which will be best for me, anyone have to understand your capabilities, strength , weaknesses.

In which area you are best, you decide for yourself. Listen to your own talks or though , your surroundings; but do your own homework. Because people will judge you every day, every step of your life but raise your standard  high ,so that other people starts following you, to achieve this set your mind first.

Do your own SWOT analysis – What is your own Strength , Weakness ,Opportunity ,Threat . When you are aware of your own strength then you will able to understand what opportunity you will find.

Get clear idea about your vision, where you want to see yourself after five or ten years.

When you are aware of your own weakness, if will able to understand what threat you may face in upcoming days.

When you want to offer your product or service to the people, first of all you have to offer best quality, then you need to understand what is your unique selling point. So you can highlight that specific point to your potential well-wishers.

How to position your brand in your well-wishers mind that’s very important,like if anyone think about any specific product or service , spontaneously your product’s name /service should come to their mind first.

Before jump into the market, do the research, if your similar product already available in the market, then give emphasizes in the durability of the product.

Try to engage more and more people in your work, because positive words of mouth can do best advertisements for your product or service.

We need to learn  cope up with the situation ,in this ever changing world, nothing is constant, so you have to always think something new, something fresh with your ideas and works.Your Work Will Speak For You.

When you and your associates works cooperatively lead the team efficiently , there should not be any communication gap, must follow the chain of command, by meeting all of these attributes have the ability to dominant the market ; which makes your brand Market Leader.

(Writer is an entrepreneur, Ornate Bangladesh)