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Tanima Islam: A devoted Tagore singer

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  • 9th August, 2021 06:32:33 PM
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Tanima Islam: A devoted Tagore singer

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Rabindranath Tagore remains and will continue to remain in the realm of music touching hearts of millions of audiences for its unique qualities.

The lyrics and tune of Tagore’s songs speak about pains and pleasures associated with life. So, Tanima Islam, an Assistant Professor of Department of Political Science at Dhaka College, has preferred to dedicated herself to the practice of Tagore’s song and travel the mystic horizon and love beyond love in the great work of the Nobel laureate poet.

She is a regular Rabindra singer at the Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar. In recent times, she for the first time, performed a music video vocalising the classical song of the greatest poet… Gram Chara Oi Rangamatir Path.  Shan was the music director. Tanima is the wife of Engineer Abul Kalam Azad, chief inspector at Department of Explosives.