Atiur urges garbage reprocessing factories to avail of green financing

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7th July, 2015 08:17:39 printer

Atiur urges garbage reprocessing factories to avail of green financing

Bangladesh Bank governor Dr Atiur Rahman motivated the operators of the Dhaka city's garbage re-processing units to receive financial support from the central bank's green finance scheme to rebuild their plants in a healthy environment.

"Once these reprocessing units are set up in a planned way, they’ll be able to play a positive role in protecting the environment," he said while inaugurating the green finance project of state-owned Agrani Bank at a city hotel.

At the function, Agrani Bank authorities distributed free various saplings among some 20 amateur gardeners who built gardens on the rooftops of their buildings.

Appreciating the initiative, Dr Atiur said a study reveals that Dhaka city’s temperature is 8 degrees Celsius, which is hotter than that of in rural areas. "If peoples are engaged in rooftop gardening, it’ll help lower the city temperature by 2-3 degrees Celsius."

The Governor said the central bank and the government have been working together to encourage green financing.

He said seven kinds of bi-products are being produced by garbage reprocessing plants, but those are done in an unhealthy manner harming the environment.

Atiur said these factories could easily take loans from the refinancing scheme of different banks at lower interest rates.