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Afghans in California rally against Taliban violence

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  • 29th July, 2021 07:54:06 PM
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Afghans in California rally against Taliban violence

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KABUL:The Afghans living in the western US state of California have staged a rally against Taliban atrocities, pledging support for the security forces.

The protest comes amid security operations to wrest back scores of districts that fell to the militant movement in recent months.

The Hindustan Times reported the protestors on Tuesday chanted slogans against the fighters for deadly attacks in different parts of Afghanistan.

With international troops exiting the country, insurgent-linked violence has significantly spiked in Afghanistan.

Absent a significant de-escalation in violence, Afghanistan is on course to witness the -ever number of documented civilian casualties in a single year (2021) since 2009.

In the first half of the current year, civilian casualties in Afghanistan reached record levels with over 1,659 people killed and 3,254.

Also on Tuesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg renewed his support to the Afghan government in fighting Taliban.

After a phone call with President Ashraf Ghani, the NATO chief tweeted, “The security situation in Afghanistan remains deeply challenging, and requires a negotiated settlement.”

He promised the alliance would continue to support Afghanistan, including with funding; civilian presence and out-of-country training.