Tuesday, 21 September, 2021

Cannabis part of the future, says tobacco giant

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  • 28th July, 2021 03:20:29 PM
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Cannabis part of the future, says tobacco giant

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The UK's largest tobacco firm says it sees cannabis as part of its future as it tries to move away from selling traditional cigarettes.

Jack Bowles, boss of British American Tobacco, said cannabidiol (CBD) vaping was "part of the future" but the challenge was "encouraging people to switch" to healthier products.

The tobacco giant is running a pilot of a new CBD vape product in Manchester, BBC reported.

It said more than a third of its UK revenues now come from vaping.

Releasing its half year results to the end of June, British American Tobacco (BAT) reported an 8.1% rise in revenues to £12.18bn.

The tobacco giant also saw its fastest gain in new customers, with users of non-combustible products - such as vapes - jumping 2.6 million to 16.1 million.

Despite its commitment to healthier choices, BAT said sales of its cigarettes recovered in some developing nations following the end of coronavirus lockdowns when sales were banned in some countries.