Friday, 17 September, 2021

Clemon rolls out their ‘Ichchher Hat Barai’ campaign to raise awareness regarding Qurbani waste management

Clemon rolls out their ‘Ichchher Hat Barai’ campaign to raise awareness regarding Qurbani waste management

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Every year after the Eid-Ul-Azha, a large amount of waste and garbage is naturally generated all over the country. The cleaners have to work hard to clean up this huge amount of garbage. So, keeping their efforts in mind, Clemon has come up with the 'Ichchher Hat Barai' campaign as usual like every year.

'Ichchher Hat Barai' campaign is one of Clemon's many other initiatives under their ongoing expedition of ‘Chintar Freshness’. Through this campaign, City Corporation and popular brand Clemon have been urging everyone to help the cleaners by disposing of the animal waste at designated places.

Clemon has already been campaigning through various mediums to create public awareness about waste management. Clemon is also campaigning through vans in different areas to remove waste generated from animals and has given 50,000 polybags to the residents of the city for dumping garbage. Meanwhile, it is necessary to stay clean at this time of the pandemic. Therefore, in this time of Corona, Clemon is urging the mass people to be involved with the 'Ichchher Hat Barai' campaign with special emphasis.

Besides, a two-episode live session on Radio Swadhin hosted by Shehnila was held to discuss the do’s and don'ts regarding Qurbani waste management to keep our cities clean during the Eid-ul-Azha festival. Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh, Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation; Atiqul Islam, Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation; Khaled Masud Pilot, former captain of the national cricket team, popular actor Iresh Jaker, Commodore M Saidur Rahman, Chief Waste Management Officer (DNCC), Fahim Uddin Shuvo, Founder & CEO of Garbageman and Maidul Islam, Head of Marketing of Akij Food and Beverage Limited (AFBL) were present as guests at the program.

During the discussion, Head of Marketing, Maidul Islam stated, “By activating our own consciences we should be more appreciative towards the efforts of the cleaners around us who work relentlessly to keep the city neat & clean. And that’s why we need to raise awareness to offer our helping hands by taking part in this movement. During Eid-ul-Azha, the blood and unnecessary parts of the animal are dumped here and there, even in the sewers, which causes water clogging, spreading of various diseases and environmental pollution. In order to prevent these from happening, Clemon urges everyone, as conscious citizens of rural and urban areas, to come forward with small responsibilities during the Qurbani time. We are conducting awareness campaigns in collaboration with the City Corporation through print and electronic media as well as social media.”

In their respective speeches, the speakers of the program laid special emphasis on adherence to hygiene for preventing COVID-19 and requested to maintain adequate awareness and caution during the Eid celebrations. In addition, they wished for the overall success of Clemon's 'Ichchher Hat Barai' campaign through everyone’s spontaneous participation.