Monday, 20 September, 2021

Desite PTI’s allegations, corruption couldn’t be proved against PML-N, says Shehbaz

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  • 16th July, 2021 12:35:40 PM
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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf resorted to hurling abuses, name-calling, and levelling corruption allegations against their government but it could not prove anything, Geo News reported.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, the opposition leader in the National Assembly said that the PTI government is doing everything it accused the PML-N government of doing before the 2018 election.

He lauded the previous PML-N government for introducing power projects in the country. “When in power, the PML-N took measures to completely eliminate the problem of electricity load-shedding. As against that, the entire nation has been subjected to the curse of load-shedding by the PTI once again,” he said. “There can be no greater crime than this.”

“The cause of load-shedding is not only incompetence and negligence but it is a tell-tale sign of rampant corruption over the course of three years,” he continued.

“[Under the PTI government’s rule], Balochistan is facing 10 hours of electricity load-shedding every day,” he said, adding that the PTI government left no stone unturned in terms of “looting the people of Pakistan” and “left millions of people unemployed.”

Shehbaz alleged that the incumbent government could not finalise a gas agreement despite its tall claims because it had been providing gas to its favourites, adding that it is up to the public to decide who takes practical steps for them and who merely delivers speeches while standing atop a container.

“Despite hydel power plants being less costly, the government could not manage to build a single dam in the country,” he said. “At present, it [the government] is benefitting from capacity payments worth billions of rupees.”

The PML-N leader said that the PTI-led government failed to come up with long-term power projects, and the short-term ones it introduced turned out to be excessively costly.

“The people of Pakistan are suffering from power crisis and electricity load-shedding because of the incompetent policies of the PTI-led government,” he maintained. “Is this the Naya Pakistan that was promised to the masses?”

The opposition leader also provided comparative statistics and pointed out how the PML-N government worked to introduce LNG terminals during its tenure.


Source: Pakistan Today