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Pet dogs get ‘death sentence’ in Karachi for attacking and injuring lawyer

Pet dogs get ‘death sentence’ in Karachi for attacking and injuring lawyer

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  • 14th July, 2021 04:41:24 PM
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Two pet dogs in Karachi will be put down for attacking an aged and senior lawyer during his morning walk in the posh neighbourhood of Karachi.

The ‘death sentence’ given to the two “guilty” pets is part of an out-of-court settlement reached between the senior lawyer injured in the incident and the pet owner.

Last month, senior Advocate Mirza Akhtar Ali was severely injured during his routine morning walk in Defence Housing Authority area as the two dogs of the resident, Humayun Khan, brutally attacked and injured him without any provocation.

The video of the horrific incident obtained from the closed-circuit television camera installed in the locality where the incident occurred, went viral on the Internet. After watching and extensively sharing the video, the netizens questioned the practice of keeping dogs of specialised breeds for security purposes in residential areas without adequate training and absence of qualified trainers to handle the canines.

The compromise agreement reached to resolve this dispute says that the injured lawyer Mirza Akhtar Ali has agreed to forgive pet owner Humayun Khan on the following conditions: Humyaun Khan tenders unconditional apology to Mirza Akhtar Ali;

Humayun Khan and family shall not keep at their home any dangerous or ferocious dogs as pets; any other dogs kept as pets shall be registered with the Clifton Cantonment Board (the area’s municipal agency) and shall not venture out on streets without a properly trained handler and shall be muzzled and leashed at all times when they are outside; the dogs involved in the incident shall be euthanized/put down by a veterinarian immediately.

Any other dogs that Humayun Khan has, he shall give them away and Humayun Khan shall make a donation of Rs1,000,000 to a local non-profit organisation working for the shelter and protection of the stray dogs in Karachi.


Source: Gulf News