Livestock ministry seeks Kataban pet market open two-hour daily


13th July, 2021 04:38:52 PM printer

Livestock ministry seeks Kataban pet market open two-hour daily

In an attempt to protect live fishes and pet animals at city’s Kataban market, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has urged the government to keep the market open for at least two hours amid the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

The ministry made this appeal and sent a letter to the public security division of the Home Affairs Ministry following an instruction came from Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim on Monday.

“The government has been urged to allow opening of the pet market for at least two hours daily during the ongoing restrictions as no person can go there to take care of the pet animals due to the curb which can be life threatening for them,” according to the letter issued by the ministry.

As, during the ongoing restrictions, regular nursing and cleaning along with providing necessary food, water, vaccination and drugs to these live birds and pet animals are being hampered, so permission of opening the market is needed, the ministry letter elaborated.

The pet market opening for a certain time will help protect the lives of the pet birds and animals during the ongoing covid-19 restrictions.

Mentionable, the live bird and pet animals market was open during the lockdown enforced in the last year.