Thursday, 23 September, 2021

Stern action to be taken against negligence: Kamal

Stern action to be taken against negligence: Kamal

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said stern action will be taken against those indulged in negligence in the fire incident at Hashem food and beverage factory, claiming 52 lives.

“Action will be taken in accordance with the law and if anyone is found in negligence in the fire at the Shezan Food and Beverage factory at Rupganj,” he said this at a press briefing after inspecting the factory at Rupganj on Saturday afternoon.

The minister said whoever is responsible for the factory fire will be brought under the law.

He said the whole country was stunned by the incident and eight top officials, including chairman and his four sons, have been arrested in a murder case filed with Rupganj Police Station in connection with the fire.

“There is no scope to escape from the case, if they have negligence, action will be taken as per law,” Kamal, also a valiant freedom fighter, said.

He said that the investigation will reveal how many people were working at Hashem Food Products and what they were doing there, adding, “An inquiry committee has been formed. After investigation we can say what happened.

Whatever happened is very heartbreaking. I pray for the forgiveness of departed souls of those who have died.”

The minister said Deputy Commissioner (DC) had officially provided support.
“We'll see what could be done,” Asaduzzaman Khan added.

Responding to a question from reporters, the home minister said an accident had taken place and 52 people were dead. “The incident will be investigated, those who will be responsible for  the fire incident will be brought to book,” he said.

"Our fire service, police, DC, UNO came to the spot immediately," the minister said. “They also immediately rescued many alive. You see, they brought the blaze under control.

 Whether there was any defect in the construction of the building, there may be any defect in the management of the workers, whether there were child labourers will be known after these investigations,” Kamal said.