Cancer patients should get vaccinated without delay

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8th July, 2021 04:40:51 PM printer

Cancer patients should get vaccinated without delay

Cancer patients are more vulnerable to Covid-19 which leads to high morbidity and mortality in them.

Those taking chemotherapy have lowered blood counts and are immunosuppressed and more vulnerable to Covid-19 disease, remarked Dr Suhas Agre, Medical Oncologist, ACI Cumballa Hill Hospital in India.

“Cancer tends to depress the body’s immune system, and more cancer patients are older which is a risk factor for Covid. Since Covid-19 can attack the lungs and invite acute respiratory failure, people with lung cancer are at an increased risk of contracting Covid infection, as their lung function is already compromised.

Most experts recommend vaccination as the vaccine is safe for use.

Besides vaccine, follow the guidelines to curb the coronavirus:

1. Wash hands regularly or use a hand sanitiser, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

2. Maintain a safe distance and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

3. Don’t go to crowded places and don’t be around sick people.

4. Be in touch with your doctor via teleconsultation and step out only for hospital visits but ensure proper care.

5. Stay active at home and do low-impact exercises like walking or aerobics, as per the doctor’s suggestion.

6. Eat home-cooked food that includes all the essential nutrients, and avoid junk, oily, spicy, processed, and canned foods.

7. Do not drink alcohol or smoke, and get a sound sleep at night to stay stress-free,”.