Universal Amity: a name of hope for the underprivileged community

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7th July, 2021 05:14:34 PM printer

Universal Amity: a name of hope for the underprivileged community

Universal Amity Foundation, a registered charity organization working for the humanitarian cause irrespective of any caste, creed, religion, or ism. The inception of the organization was in early 2015 by providing support to the flood-affected people. In these years it has expanded its team, networks, and activities and now operates in 33 districts and provides aid to the needy community.

So far, Universal Amity has run 25 diverse projects across different parts of Bangladesh. Through its projects, it has contributed towards the SDGs of zero hunger, zero poverty, quality education, clean water, and sanitation. Through micro charity, it is bringing contributions from all levels of society to the needy and helpless. It has adopted a multipronged approach to address the challenge of hunger, poverty, water, and sanitation in Bangladesh. Right now, the organization has more than 1000 recipients who are getting service from the organization on a regular basis and it wants to extend the number. Currently, it has been operating in 33 districts but it aims to provide services all over Bangladesh and beyond.

Universal Amity is extending aids through projects like Food for Good, Feed a Hungry Child, Amity Milk Bank, Amity Meat Bank, and Animal Welfare projects to address the challenge of hunger and poverty. It is also running Income Aid and Aid for Education projects for capacity building. To provide a water and sanitization facility, it is running the ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Cleanliness is Wellness’ projects. Under its ‘Safe Shelter’ project, it is also constructing houses to help deprived section of society. For the physically challenged, it has launched the Aid for Life project. During winter, to help street dwellers, it runs the Winter Care project. To help women and elderly people of society, it runs Care for Elder and Safety for Women projects. It aids the orphanages to make a better place for the orphans and to helps them with educational accessories.

The Founder of the organization MD. Mehedi Hasan said, “Universal Amity is running need-based and crisis management projects. We are always alert, vigilant, and active to help the sufferer and needy. We have been successfully operating the Food for Food project for 13 months, we have given away 4000 blankets in the last winter and helped 2000 families with food supplements in this Ramadan and Eid, we have been helping people who are affected by the natural calamities. In fact, we have just completed a project on the recent YASH cyclone and there is another going on! I think we are doing great. Now our goal is to connect with more people and raise the number of funds as well as the depth and area of operation.”