Failure to Pay Staff

Municipalities to be downgraded to union parishad: Tazul

Staff Correspondent

5th July, 2021 09:04:01 PM printer

Municipalities to be downgraded to union parishad: Tazul

Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister Tazul Islam on Monday said the government may relegate municipalities to union parishad for their incapability to pay salaries to their staff.

The government may also dissolve the present body of the public representatives and arrange re-election as an alternative to the relegation, he said.

He came up with the remarks while speaking at a webinar on strengthening the account keeping system of the revenue income and expenditure of local government bodies.

Tazul said that the government would ensure the audit of accounts of all bodies under Local Government Division through external auditors.

“The municipality was created for ensuring civic amenities, contributing to development work and bearing operational cost from the revenue income. But if the bodies cannot pay their employees, there is no meaning for its existence,” he added.

Regarding appointment of illegal manpower by many municipalities, he said, “If the municipalities appoint additional manpower through outsourcing and without approval of the ministry, we will take legal action. From now, the body cannot appoint manpower through outsourcing without the approval of the ministry.”

Tazul also added that the government would amend the Zila Parishad Act to reactivate the body.