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Covid diet: What should eat after recovering from coronavirus

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  • 4th July, 2021 12:22:19 PM
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While fighting the virus present inside the body, a lot of energy is used, that makes us feel drained and tired.

Adding calorie-dense foods to your diet is necessary at this time to get back to the form. Including whole-grain cereals like millets, oats, rice and starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato can help to increase calorie intake and energise you.

*You can eat five to six soaked almonds early in the morning  

*Apart from water, you can drink homemade lemon juice and buttermilk as a fluid. Water is an essential element for life as it carries nutrients in the blood, regulates body temperature. Try to drink at least two-three litres of water every day.

*Include dal parathas, sprouts salad, egg, chicken cutlets, fish fingers in your meal as good quality Protein.

*Have five to six fruits and vegetables in your diet in a day. You can have mango, watermelon and peanut butter with banana.

*Have home-cooked food and avoid high fat, high sugar and junk food.

*Omega 3 fatty acid: 1000 mg

*Coenzyme Q 10: You can get it from Spinach, Broccoli, Fish, meat or have a 100 mg supplement.

*Add nutrient to your diet as rice bran, potato, spinach, broccoli, peas or take 200 mg of supplement and  Vitamin A: 2000iu supplement in case of loss of smell and taste.

*Herbal tea with sweet potato/chickpea/corn and any fruit of your choice.

*Add rice with chicken at you diet.

*Add turmeric milk or turmeric and Black pepper water after dinner.

*Taking 75-100 grams of protein is essential every day. So, add more protein like lentils, milk and milk products, soy, nuts, seeds, meat, chicken, fish and eggs in your diet.

*Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, which helps in the formation of antibodies and fights infection, while green and root vegetables help to strengthen the immune system. Also, spend some time outdoors to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D.