AI creates both challenges and options: Speakers at Delhi conference

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3rd July, 2021 12:23:20 AM printer

AI creates both challenges and options: Speakers at Delhi conference

With the theme ‘#CommunicationRefined’, a ten-day long mega international conference entitled 'Information Communication & Artificial Network (ICAN) Conference 2021' inaugurated in Delhi on Thursday (01 July 2021) at 5:00pm(BST).

Dr Sheikh Shafiul Islam, Head of the Journalism & Mass Communication Department from Daffodil International University spoke at the opening ceremony as one of the special guests.

The fourth edition of the ICAN conference, an outcome of collaboration between Delhi Media School and Deakin University of Australia, accommodated 60 communication experts as the speakers at the conference from five continents and 11 different countries. Almost 100 researchers from India, Australia, USA, France, Italy, Bangladesh, South Korea, Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia and Mexico will present their research papers at the conference. The 10-day conference would be divided into 9 technical sessions, 3 workshops, 7 panel discussions, 3 special session and 10 master class.

The speakers said, new communication platforms are being innovated to continue communication over social and digital media platforms even amidst this pandemic so that human beings are not alienated from interacting each other. Most importantly, addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in different spectrum of human communication has created both the challenges and options. The speaker’s told, this is the time when we should specify the scope of activities for both the human beings and their AI creations unless it would trigger unemployment in the media and communication sector like others.

Dr. Islam said, adoption of newer technologies is a demand of the days. However, we need to make our society ‘ready’ to adopt the technology properly so that human beings can reap the utmost benefits. He expressed his deep concerns with the social erosion over using TikTok, Likee and other similar apps and platforms of social media that have already negatively affected a big section of the youth in different parts of the world including Bangladesh. He stressed on media literacy in a mass scale.  

Professor Shahid Rasul, Professor Ujjal Kumar Chowdhury, Professor Ambrish Saxena, Dr. Susmita Bala, Professor Usha Raman, Professor KG Suresh were among other eminent media and communication scholars who spoke at the ICAN inauguration.

The main purpose of the conference is to build a platform to connect researchers and students among themselves with an opportunity to present their research. The ICAN conference is also working as a bridge among the professionals from diverse field of human communication.