Benpole Customs House witnesses 58% revenue collection growth


1st July, 2021 08:27:34 PM printer

Benpole Customs House witnesses 58% revenue collection growth

The Benapole Customs House, entrusted with the operations of country’s largest Benapole Land Port, fetched Taka 4,148.27 crore as revenue collection in the last fiscal year (FY21) despite the COVID-19 pandemic which was 58 percent higher than the previous fiscal year (FY20).

The revenue collection from the Benapole Customs House in the FY20 was Taka 2,635.77 crore.

Talking to journalists, Benapole Customs House Commissioner Md Azizur Rahman told  that they remained their offices open despite the pandemic with providing round the clock services to the clients.

“As a result, the revenue collection witnessed a whopping rise in the last fiscal year year (FY21) compared to the previous fiscal year (FY20). There has been good results in revenue collection due to effective measures to prevent tax evasion and adoption of digital services,” he added.

Azizur informed that due to the pandemic, the imports of high duty products through the Benapole Land Port witnessed a downtrend in the last fiscal year while there was also lockdown in various states of India for a long time to rein in the COVID-19 infection rate.

As a result, the Commissioner said that there was an impact on the overall revenue collection for which it was not possible to attain the Taka 6,100 crore revenue collection by this customs house in the last fiscal year (FY21).