UN human rights chief calls for reparations over racism

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29th June, 2021 12:35:33 PM printer

UN human rights chief calls for reparations over racism


UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet on Monday called "on all states to stop denying - and start dismantling - racism" and to "listen to the voices of people of African descent".

The United Nations Human Rights Council has urged global action including reparations to "make amends" for racism against people of African descent.

Its new report also urges educational reform and apologies to address discrimination.

The findings cite concerns in about 60 countries including the UK, Belgium, France, Canada, Brazil and Colombia.

The study began after the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in US police custody in 2020.

The findings say protests over the Minnesota man's death and the conviction of a white policeman were a "seminal point in the fight against racism".

The UN's report is based on discussions with more than 300 experts and people of African descent and seeks to push nations to take actions to end racial injustices.