Bipasha Basu treats herself to delicious chicken khao suey

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21st June, 2021 05:19:22 PM printer

Bipasha Basu treats herself to delicious chicken khao suey

Actress Bipasha Basu has taken some time to indulge in lip-smacking food cravings. The diva shared a glimpse of Chicken Khao Suey on her Instagram Stories. In the frame, we can spot yellow gravy and noodles, garnished with various veggies and toppings. Two half-boiled eggs were also neatly placed in the container. “Made some delicious Chicken Khao Suey,” she wrote in the caption. Bipasha also added the self-created hashtag “chefbonniesdeli.”

The soup seems to be a favourite of her husband, actor Karan Singh Grover as he was tagged in the social media post. Chicken Khao Suey is a popular Burmese noodle soup. It is a spicy recipe. The key ingredients are noodles, chickpeas, potatoes, red chillies, eggs, peanuts and chicken. It tastes best after a sprinkle of lemon juice. Take a look at her post:

Here is the recipe for Khao Suey
Soups are the go-to option in the monsoon. Apart from the amazing Khao suey, you can try chicken balls and spinach soup. This is for those who are consciously consuming a low-fat diet. The piping hot bowl has the goodness of veggies and chicken balls in equal parts. You can also add star anise to give it a season's flavour. Here's the recipe.

If you are up to trying something simple yet exotic, the Singaporean soup is the right option. Termed as “Laksa”, this recipe is a blend of spices and various pastes. It is specially made with chicken, prawns and shrimp paste. Chillies and lemongrass make it extra enjoyable. 

Make some mouth-watering Chimney soup with basic ingredients. All you need is some chicken, healthy spinach and fresh fish for this bowl of heaven. This recipe is not only easy but also can be prepared in under thirty minutes. 

We must say that Bipasha Basu's latest social media post served as an inspiration. So, are you ready to satiate yourself with wondrous soups? Let us know which one you liked the best!


Source: NDTV