Speed renaming its Facebook page as Speed Bangladesh

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20th June, 2021 11:25:04 AM printer

Speed renaming its Facebook page as Speed Bangladesh

Akij Food and Beverage Ltd (AFBL), a concern of Akij Group, is one of the leading Food and Beverage Companies in the country manufactures a wide range of food and beverage products like carbonated beverages, fruit drinks and other food products for both local and international markets. It has a powerful global presence – exporting products in 36 countries.

Speed is one of the most popular brands of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd. Also Speed gained the recognition as the country's number one brand in the carbonated beverage category by winning the Best Brand Award for the third time in a row in an event arranged by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF).

Currently its Facebook page name is "Speed Hebby Energy" and it is going to renaming the Facebook page as "Speed Bangladesh".