A promising young entrepreneur dreaming safe internet for everyone

Press Release

17th June, 2021 10:45:02 PM printer

A promising young entrepreneur dreaming safe internet for everyone

From the past 9 years, Kirti Sourove, Google Certified Digital Marketer, Cyber Security Specialist, Tech Entrepreneur and Artist has worked with many companies within the country and abroad. He has helped them strengthen their Cyber Security, especially in their social media. Kirti’s task has mostly been to recover the Facebook pages and groups of individuals or companies from hackers.

Some of his recent works are with ATC (Android Toto Company), the country's leading Tech Review Channel and ‘Dreamy Weeding’, one of the largest cinematographer and weeding photoshoot company in the country. Kirti had managed to recover hacked Facebook pages several months after the crimes. He has shown astounding competence in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Marketing.

Sourove’s tasks in IT – namely recovering accounts, providing security to individuals and corporate victims are challenging. When asked why he chose this field, Sourove said, “Security goes beyond just standard IT work. Moreover, many reputed companies still don't have secure IT assets and that has to be ensured. It takes 5 to 7 years at least to build a reputation but only few seconds in the form of cyber-crimes to ruin it. Hence, this is a big threat to our people and economy. Bangladesh has a lot to offer. And I do think physical wars are well on their way to being replaced with cyber war in the coming generations. Therefore, prevention is always better. "

Kirti Sourove strongly believes that it is high time that we secure our data on the internet by ourselves. He believes that everyone deserves a private and secured internet life. Internet privacy can be thought of as basic as human rights in this day and age. Looking at his record, the talented Tech Entrepreneur is working smart to help various companies, and startups and even individuals to grow and to be secured on the internet. Kirti is also known in the market as a successful digital marketer. He has worked successfully with the Looks Global Education Management Ltd as the Chief Of Marketing & Security Strategist. Kirti has always loved to take on challenges and lead from the front, but he loves to put company growth as his first priority. 

The young entrepreneur has a soft spot for music and entertainment. He is also a musician. He was the music director of a title track of a movie named "Chhalaang". Kirti Sourove believes that by working together we can build a better future for the youth, because they are the future.