WhatsApp hijack scam continues to spread

Sun Online Desk

6th June, 2021 03:07:33 PM printer

WhatsApp hijack scam continues to spread


Scammers are continuing to target WhatsApp users and hijack their accounts, by posing as a friend and asking for SMS security codes.

The scam has existed for years but has continued to catch people out, with victims sharing their stories on social media.

WhatsApp says users should never hand over their security codes to anybody, even if they appear to be a friend.

One victim said he was embarrassed to have fallen for the "simple" scam.

What should you look out for?

You may be a target of the scam if you receive an SMS text message with a six-digit WhatsApp code that you were not expecting.

Usually you would need this code when setting up a new account, or logging in to your existing account on a new device.