Kamal recommends keeping individual tax rate unchanged

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3rd June, 2021 04:51:23 PM printer

Kamal recommends keeping individual tax rate unchanged

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has recommended keeping the individual tax rate unchanged in the proposed budget for the fiscal of 2021-22.

"I propose to keep the rate of tax applicable for individual taxpayers unchanged as significant changes has already been brought to this effect in FY 2020-2021," the finance minister told the parliament while unveiling his budget speech on Thursday afternoon. 

In the previous budget, the government had raised the threshold of tax-free income to Tk3 lakh from Tk2.5 lakh after five years.

In the proposed budget, Mustafa Kamal made it clear that the existing tax rate for individual taxpayers will also be applicable for the taxpayers of third gender community.

The finance minister said this proposal was made for social inclusion of third gender people in addition to introducing a special provision for them.