Quader: BNP suffers from crisis of public confidence


2nd June, 2021 05:26:00 PM printer

Quader: BNP suffers from crisis of public confidence

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader on Wednesday said the opposition BNP suffers from a serious crisis of public confidence and the people have no interest in its existence in politics.

The Awami League general secretary made the remarks at a briefing at his official residence this morning.

He dismissed BNP leaders’ recent statements about the treatment of Begum Khaleda Zia as just repeat playing of a “broken record.”

He said the BNP’s allegations make no sense as Begum Zia is getting treatment by the doctors of her choice as the government has been liberal on this issue.

Quader said that Begum Zia's sentence has been suspended and given opportunity to seek treatment at home due to the magnanimity of  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Responding to Mirza Fakhrul’s allegations the AL leader said all the recent elections have proved on which side the people take.  

He further said that in future also the people will prove that they are with Sheikh Hasina’s politics of development and achievements.

Commenting on Sheikh Hasina's development and visionary politics,  Quader said that the BNP is now isolated from mass people for its conspiracies and anti-development politics.

He said people simply laugh at BNP when its leaders allege that the government has destroyed the country's economy.

He also said that Bangladesh has graduated to a developing economy under the able leadership of Sheikh Hasina and the BNP is too blind to see this.

Quader said he said there is no point for BNP to look ahead if it gets trapped in the circle of negative politics after failures in movement and elections.