The contenders to be the next VC of Rajshahi University


31st May, 2021 05:39:49 PM printer

The contenders to be the next VC of Rajshahi University

Rajshahi University outgoing vice-chancellor Professor M Abdus Sobhan’s term expired on May 6. Pro-vice-chancellor Professor Ananda Kumar Saha on the same day took charge as acting VC by an order from the Education Ministry.

Everyone is concerned as to who would be the next vice-chancellor of the university. The outgoing VC was criticized for allegations of some corrupt activities, and so teachers and students of the university are expecting that an honest teacher will take charge as the next vice-chancellor.

According to the Rajshahi University Ordinance 11(1) section, the vice-chancellor shall be appointed by the chancellor for a period of four years from a panel of three persons to be nominated by the Senate on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Chancellor and shall be eligible for reappointment for a further period of four years.

In 1999, Professor M Sayeedur Rahman Khan was appointed through a senate panel election. In 2001, when BNP came to power Professor Faisul Islam Farouqui replaced him in the VC post. After that, the vice-chancellors were not appointed through senate panel election.

The panel election has not been held yet though the term of the outgoing VC has expired on May 6. The university panel is currently not even complete. So, everyone thinks that the next VC will be appointed by the chancellor without an election.

According to campus sources, some teachers are on the way to be the next vice-chancellor including former pro-vice-chancellor Dr. Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department's professor Dr Md Habibur Rahman, Bangla department professor and former library administrator Dr. Shafiqunnabee Samadi, English department professor Dr. M. Shahidullah and Geography and Environmental Studies department professor Dr. Raquib Ahmed.

Professor Dr. Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan:

Geology and Mining department's Professor Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan acted as pro-vice-chancellor of the university in the (2013-2017) term. He also acted as the dean of the faculty of Life and Earth Science, university students adviser and the chairman of Geology and Mining department. He has been doing research on underground water of the Varendra territories for around 34 years.

Professor Md. Habibur Rahman:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department professor Md. Habibur Rahman is currently acting as the convener of Muktijuddher Chetona and Mullobodhe Bishwasi Pragatishil Shikkhak Samaj of the university. He completed his PhD in Molecular Biology from Okayama University of Japan in 1996.

Professor Shafiqunnabee Samadi:

Bangla department professor Shafiqunnabee Samadi was the administrator of the central library of the university. He was active in the demonstrations against the outgoing VC’s corrupted activities. He won the election of the steering committee of Pragatishil Shikkhak Samaj and acted as a member of the convening committee.

Professor Dr. M. Shahidullah:

English department professor M. Shahidullah was the president of Rajshahi University Teachers Association. He was also close to the outgoing vice-chancellor. He was the director of the Institute of English and other languages of the university during the VC Sobhan’s term and before that, he was the director of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS).

Professor Dr. Raquib Ahmed:

Geography and Environmental Studies department professor will retire next June 30. He was very close to the outgoing VC professor M Abdus Sobhan. He was the director of the Environmental Science Institute of the university. Professor Raquib tried to be the vice-chancellor in 2017 and then he was the convener of Muktijuddher Chetona and Mullobodhe Bishwasi Progotishil Shikkhak Samaj.