Most Filipinos don’t want a coronavirus vaccine. Especially not a Chinese one

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29th May, 2021 03:29:57 PM printer

Most Filipinos don’t want a coronavirus vaccine. Especially not a Chinese one


Marked by delay, disorganisation and erratic supply, the Philippine effort to achieve herd immunity from Covid-19 faces two emerging problems: most Filipinos don’t want to get inoculated, and of those who do, many reject vaccines from China.

On May 17, a vaccination centre in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, was swamped by members of the public when word got around it was administering jabs from Pfizer.

Media reports showed long lines of people disregarding social distancing forming at the centre, with even people who did not have an appointment showing up.

In comparison, vaccination centres offering shots made by the Chinese company Sinovac have reported few takers and people not showing up for appointments, resulting in a surplus of vaccines at the end of each day.

Dr Anthony Leachon, a former senior adviser to the country’s Covid-19 task force, said: “I think it’s the track record of [American drug companies] for producing quality medicines proven for efficacy and safety. Their product is a result of excellent research and development.”

According to ABS-CBN News, the Philippines has 5.5 million Sinovac jabs, 2.5 million AstraZeneca doses, and 193,000 Pfizer shots.

Officials have previously estimated the country, population 110 million, needs to vaccinate at least 70 million to achieve herd immunity. However, ABS-CBN News reported the target was revised down this month to 58 million.