Once PM’s ardent supporter journos dubious about his second term

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21st May, 2021 11:24:10 AM printer

Once PM’s ardent supporter journos dubious about his second term

ISLAMABAD: Four prominent journalists, who have been known for their pro-Imran Khan views over the past couple of years, think the prime minister will not succeed in winning the next general elections.

In a programme on a private news channel--one which frequently airs news reports, analyses and opinions that favour the incumbent government-- journalist Sabir Shakir gave his two cents that PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz will succeed PM Imran Khan as Pakistan's next prime minister.

"She [Maryam Nawaz] will become the next prime minister, in my opinion," he said.

"She can," agreed Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain, another veteran journalist who has been a severe critic of the PML-N in the past and has spoken highly of PM Imran Khan over the years.

Shakir went on, saying that whether Maryam becomes prime minister or not depends on the PML-N leader herself, adding that "a change in the circumstances" will also be necessary for her to win the office of the country's next chief executive.

Shakir said there will be a "break" in the prime minister's term, adding that he will lose the next elections. He opined that the premier will then go on to emerge as a stronger candidate in the general elections after 2023, and will become prime minister for the second time then.

"This is his first innings, he is learning how to play," said Shakir. "Hence, he will lose first and will then emerge again stronger the next time,” he added. Another journalist, Arif Hameed Bhatti, said this was PM Imran Khan’s “first and last innings” as the prime minister of the country, adding that Maryam Nawaz can become the country’s next premier and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif can get elected to office for a record fourth time.

However, he said it will not happen as a result of the people’s votes, leaving much to think about.

Ghulam Hussain said in his opinion, PM Imran Khan will win another term in office in elections 2023.

Journalist Sami Ibrahim said the prime minister will be able to maintain his credibility if he tells the masses that he did not form the government on the basis of a majority but would also not be blackmailed [by coalition partners].

“Even if he loses then, his credibility will be maintained,” added Ibrahim.

However, he lashed out at the prime minister in the next sentence, saying that “politics demands performance” and that giving lectures like Ibn Khaldun was of no use until rulers did not have any realisation of the hunger that masses were going through.

When prodded by Bhatti to give a straight answer and not beat around the bush, Ibrahim blurted out: “If he completes his term like this by agreeing with this person and then agreeing with that person; by announcing a certain thing and then taking it back, then this is his last term.”

“Please do not mince your words,” interjected Ghulam Hussain. “Just state plainly that if we speak on the basis of his current performance, he [Imran Khan] cannot become prime minister again.”

Source: The News