China forcing India, Australia, Japan and US to unite in preparation for major conflict

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19th May, 2021 07:19:22 PM printer

China forcing India, Australia, Japan and US to unite in preparation for major conflict

CHINA's brutal aggression has forced four nations to take military preparation action against the communist nation.

Author and political expert Gordon Chang highlighted that China's international aggression is causing countries to band together. During an interview with, Mr Chang insisted members of Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) are banding together against China due to its actions in the South China Sea region. While an outright military conflict between Australia and China remains unlikely, according to Mr Chang, he insisted more cooperation was likely between these countries in case the situation escalated.

Mr Chang said: "Australia is one of the four members of the Quad.

"That is the nations comprised of the United States, Australia, Japan and India.

"These four nations are acting in closer coordination.

"They are operationalising their understandings and part of that is military.

"China's spat with Australia right now could in some way end up being a military conflict."

Mr Chang admitted that it was unlikely that China and Australia would declare war against one another.

He explained: "I think Australia would be drawn into something rather than being the target of Chinese military action.

"This is because of the great distances involved.

"All of these countries are now understanding the notion of common defence because China is assaulting all of their societies."

Mr Chang also warned that if Beijing does not stop its aggressive military actions against Taiwan and India, things could escalate.

This escalation could take the form of military conflict or skirmishes.

He said: "Anything can cause tensions to escalate between China and any of its neighbours or any nation in the world.