Maternity leave even if woman join job with child

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19th May, 2021 02:22:27 PM printer

Maternity leave even if woman join job with child

Women will get full paid maternity leave if they join the government service for the first time with a child aged below six months.

Regulation-1 branch of the Regulation Division of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance issued a gazette in this regard on Tuesday.

According to the gazette, a woman who joins the government service with a child under the age of six months can take maternity leave till her child is six months old. This provision has been added to sub-section-1 of section 198 of the Public Service Rules (Part 1).

The Gazette further said that the President has brought this amendment in the service rules in consultation with the Public Service Commission under Article 133 of the Constitution. Earlier, on January 9, 2011, the duration of maternity leave was increased from four months to six months with pay by amending sub-section-1 of section 197. The new amendment also provides opportunity to women to join the government service with children.