1000 metres illegal fishing net seized from Halda River


8th May, 2021 04:15:35 PM printer

1000 metres illegal fishing net seized from Halda River

Hathazari upazila administration seized around 1,000 metres of illegal fishing net laid in the Halda River last night by poachers to catch brood fish ahead of spawning.

Ruhul Amin, Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Hathazari upazila administration, seized the net along a four-kilometre stretch of the river from Sattarghat to Azimhat.

Ruhul Amin told BSS that mother fish spawns in Halda river in April and May.

The mother fish has started roaming in Halda to lay eggs and poachers are also active for catching the mother fish, he added.

“The activity of setting nets has decreased during the day by the strong vigilance of police and the upazila administration. However, poachers are setting nets in Halda at night. In anticipation of this activity, the upazila administration has run a mobile court at night,” he added.

Ruhul Amin said that they seized 1,000 metres of fishing net from various spots of the river last night and destroyed it.

“We are conducting regular operations to protect the only natural fish breeding ground for carp in Bangladesh and the mother fish of Bangabandhu Fisheries Heritage Halda River,” he said.

He also said the operation will continue.