Vodafone using Google's cloud and AI to retain customers

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5th May, 2021 12:07:27 printer

Vodafone using Google's cloud and AI to retain customers

Vodafone is teaming up with Google to develop a cloud-based data platform to help telcos find new opportunities and improve relationships with customers.

Numerous studies have found that telcos are increasingly struggling to find new revenue streams, despite investing heavily into 4G and 5G networks.

The partnership is the latest trend showing a convergence between the telecoms market and Silicon Valley.

But there are concerns over where in the world customer data is processed.

The deal is set to last for six years and will involve a collaboration of up to 1,000 staff from both mobile operator Vodafone and tech giant Google, located in the US, Spain and the UK.

The idea is to help Vodafone create and deploy new digital services simultaneously in multiple countries for both consumers and enterprise customers, as well as to gain new insights from customer data to improve relationships and boost customer retention.