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Indonesian military plane crash

113 people feared dead: air force


30th June, 2015 08:32:10 printer

113  people feared dead: air force

MEDAN, Indonesia:  All 113 on board an Indonesian air force transport plane that crashed Tuesday into a major city on Sumatra are believed to have been killed, the country's air force chief said.


There were 12 crew and 101 passengers on the Hercules C-130 when it went down and burst into flames in a residential area of Medan city, Agus Supriatna told AFP.


Asked if he believed anyone had survived, he said: "No, no. No survivors. I just returned from the site." He said that 49 bodies had so far been recovered and taken to hospital.


Buildings were left in ruins and cars reduced to flaming wrecks after the plane came down in Medan, a city of two million.