Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Funeral of Corona Victims

Quantum volunteers work round the clock

Quantum volunteers work round the clock
Quantum Foundation volunteers are taking preparations for the burial of a person who dies of coronavirus. - Sun Photo

Several hundred dedicated volunteers of Quantum Foundation have been working round the clock to perform funerals of those who have died of coronavirus or died with virus-like symptoms.

When family members flee leaving the corpse or stay away amid virus fear, Quantum volunteers have come forward with human values to bid farewell to the deceased.

It does not matter whether the deceased are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Christian, these volunteers are appearing to say goodbye to the dead.
Since April 7 last year, Quantum Foundation’s volunteer team was present at the burials or funerals of 3,411 people who died of coronavirus till April 29 this year.

Quantum Foundation’s burial service for corona victims began on April 7 last year. But now, not only the person who died of coronavirus but also the person who died due to any other reason is being buried or cremated.

So far, more than a thousand people who have died due to reasons other than coronavirus have been given send-off. Quantum has stood by corona victims and common people and given last farewell to more than four thousand dead.

Khandaker Sajibul Islam, who is in charge of Quantum Burial, said, “We are working for the dead of all religions, including Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian. Our volunteer team is engaged in well-organised service all over the country.”

He said the level of sympathy and cooperation among the common people at present is much higher than last year. Relatives of the deceased are now spontaneously coming forward for janaza and burial in most cases.

Quantum has participated in the burial of a total of 3,411 people who died of coronavirus across the country from April 7 last year to April 29 this year. Of them, 2,904 are Muslims, 455 Hindus, 21 Buddhists and 31 are Christians.
Khandaker Sajibul Islam said, “We are completing the burial according to the training of the Ministry of Health and the Islamic Foundation. The Muslims are buried according to the proper religious rules, starting from bath, ablution, shroud cloth and janaza.”

“Apart from Muslims, we have separate arrangements for people of Hindu religion. Besides, there are separate arrangements for Christians or Buddhists. There are also separate women’s groups for women,” he added.

Quantum uses about 30 different materials for the burial of a dead body during the coronavirus pandemic. Several types of disinfectants, including alcohol, are used for burial protection.

The burial is being carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.

PPEs, masks, face shields, surgical hand gloves, shrouds, special body bags, and a few types of disinfectants for protection are all being used voluntarily at Quantum’s self-financing. At the end of the burial or funeral, the staff’s clothing and other equipment are immediately burned due to the safety reason.

Some of the Quantum volunteers include businessmen, employees, advocates and students. They are leaving their families and staying in designated camps. They are ready to serve 24 hours in a day. At the last farewell of the deceased, these dedicated volunteers are paying due respect just like their loved ones.