Work piles up at offices amid lockdown

Staff Correspondent

29th April, 2021 10:46:22 printer

Work piles up at offices amid lockdown

Work has piled up at government, semi-government and autonomous offices as secretaries and other officials remain absent from their desks due to the lockdown imposed by the government to stem the fresh surge in coronavirus infections, depriving people of services.

Sources say the routine work remained halted at all the offices that were closed when the strict lockdown was enforced in the country on April 14.

Many say they are not getting emergency services as the offices remained shut.

Organisations that have transactions with government institutions are also not getting bills due to the closure.

Amid the fresh spike in coronavirus infections, the government imposed a lockdown on April 5 to contain the spread of the virus that has so far claimed the lives of 11,393 people and sickened 756,955.

Common people allege that policymakers of the government do not want to go to work on the pretext of pandemic and they want to lockdown to linger.

They allege that as the government officials do not have to think about their salaries and other facilities, they advise the government to go for lockdown.

But it is the ordinary people who bear the brunt of the lockdown, they said.

Woes and sufferings of low-income groups, mostly daily wage earners, have mounted throughout the country amid the lockdown.

This poverty-stricken group is facing extreme hardship for lack of work and income-generating activities during the shutdown.

At the same time, small service holders in the private sector are also in fear of job cut and income loss.

As the lockdown enforced initially from April 5 to April 11 to combat the 2nd wave of coronavirus was not very effective, another weeklong strict lockdown started on April 14.

The shutdown was later extended until April 28. And now, this lockdown has been extended for another week.

The Cabinet Division issued a circular on Wednesday extending the current lockdown until on May 5 midnight.

Shops and shopping malls will remain open from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

Besides, public as well as private offices will be closed and public transport services will remain suspended. Factories, however, will remain open.

All the ministries, divisions and their subordinate offices involved in providing emergency services will remain open on a limited scale.