Makkah motorbike fares cost more than plane tickets | 2015-06-30 |

Makkah motorbike fares cost more than plane tickets

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30th June, 2015 05:24:07 printer

Makkah motorbike fares cost more than plane tickets

JEDDAH: Motorbikes are among the most important means of transportation in Makkah during Ramadan because they are easy to use and cope easily with congestion in the central area next to the Grand Mosque.


Despite the presence of public transportation, many Umrah pilgrims prefer to use motorbikes because of the large number of visitors.


Motorbike owners exploit the needs of pilgrims and offer to transport them for exorbitant sums of money. The sums are not only beyond logic or reason but the riders are also exposing themselves to danger because the drivers drive recklessly and think nothing of going the wrong way on one-way streets.


By using undercover officers, the traffic directorate in Makkah makes great efforts to control the bikes but the numbers are simply too great.


Transportation charges for motorbikes are high in comparison with the distance covered, especially during the last 10 days of Ramdan. The price may be as high as SR500 for a 5 km ride. On the other hand, there are airline tickets which can be bought for SR300.


Imran Al-Yazidi who has a motorbike said some people transport Umrah pilgrims for astronomical sums because they see the season as a chance for high profits.

He added that bikers don’t force pilgrims to take the service but that people choose to ride of their own free will, knowing the dangers.