Coronavirus: How to use bi-Pap without feeling acute discomfort

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29th April, 2021 02:21:58 printer

Coronavirus: How to use bi-Pap without feeling acute discomfort

First it was oxygen ventilators and now it’s the bi-Pap machines running out of stock! Clinically known as bi level positive airway pressure, doctors are recommending the machine to COVID patients with compromised lung health.

It is a mask that is simply put around your mouth and has to be tightened to ensure no air escapes - and your lungs can exercise their capacity.

Have a cup of water

The air pressure in the bi-Pap can dry your throat so make sure you start by being hydrated.

Position yourself well

First and foremost, make sure when you get ready to put on the bi-Pap machine, your back and neck is well supported and rested. A compromised lying position will just make it harder to keep the machine on for longer.

Thoroughly fix it on your face

The point of an affective bi-Pap machine is to ensure no air escapes the sides, which usually happens. So make sure you get the mask on and wait for a minute or two to ensure that the side Velcro’s tightly fixed in place.

Breathe in and out through nose

Bi-Pap machines leave out air in a rushed manner and it’s best to keep mouth shut. Breathe in and out from the nose only to make it easier to handle, Times of India.

Stay still as much as possible

Close your eyes or position your phone or reader at an elevated point so your mask stays tightly around the head. It’s ideally best to record the starting time and then close your eyes and breathe away.