Insta influencer slammed for painting mask on face to enter Bali store

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27th April, 2021 08:12:40 printer

Insta influencer slammed for painting mask on face to enter Bali store

Two Instagram influencers are in hot water over a video which shows one of them painting a blue surgical mask on the other's face to skirt Covid guidelines and enter a supermarket in Bali, Indonesia. Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se are now facing the possibility of deportation for the video, which they say was a prank played out only for the entertainment of their followers, reports Newsweek. 

Josh and Leia, who are Taiwanese and Russian nationals respectively, faced immediate backlash when they first posted the video online earlier this month. The video -- which now seems to have been taken down from their Instagram accounts but continues to be widely shared online -- shows them trying to enter a supermarket in Bali. Leia, not wearing a face mask, was stopped by a security guard at the entrance and the two returned to their car, where Josh proceeded to paint a face mask on Leia's face.

With blue makeup and white straps, the painted face mask looked real enough to fool the security guard when the duo returned to the supermarket.

Although the video was taken down after Josh and Leia faced severe backlash for potentially putting other shoppers at risk, Niluh Djelantik, a Balinese designer and politician, re-posted the video to call the influencers out for their prank.