Tele-medicine unit for corona treatment at Katiadi

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23rd April, 2021 05:06:19 printer

Tele-medicine unit for corona treatment at Katiadi

Raktadan Samity, a voluntary organisation, is providing treatment to the patients by setting up a tele-medicine unit in Kishoreganj's Katiadi.

A dedicated team comprising of twelve doctors have been treating the patients without taking any fees since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic.

While speaking about the tele-medicine unit, Raktadan Samity coordinator Badrul Alam Nayeem said, "We have this initiative so that mass people can get proper treatment sitting at their home amid the pandemic."

Doctors, nurses and other health workers have been passing a traumatic time since the coronavirus began spreading in the country.

Simalteneously ordinary patients also fear to visit hospitals without major complications.

Keeping all these things in consideration, Raktadan Samity has founded tele-medicine unit with the help of doctors.

Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College's medical officer Dr Muhammad Isha Khan said, "I am glad to serve the people through tele-medicine programme amid pandemic. Numerous patients are receiving treatment every day. We will continue it facilitate the people."

Meanwhile, Raktadan Samity on behalf of its tele-medicine unit distributed various emergency medicines and medical aids like paracetamol, omeprazole, saline, tramadol, povidone iodine, antiseptic, band aid, strip bandage, surgical tape etc. items.

Katiadi Upazila Parishad chairman Dr Md Moshtaqur Rahman said, "During this crisis period when stepping outside the house is a risky, this is a great initiative."