Do’s and Don’ts to fight Covid-19 second wave: Ali Fazal

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22nd April, 2021 06:46:08 PM printer

Do’s and Don’ts to fight Covid-19 second wave: Ali Fazal

As the country battles the second wave of coronavirus, Bollywood actor Ali Fazal has shared his list of suggestions to tackle a Covid-19 emergency.

The Mirzapur star on Wednesday composed a Twitter thread, advising fans on various Do’s and Don’ts based on his understanding.

The actor first reiterated what every doctor has been saying since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic- “Please wear your masks.” Fazal also said that people should not wait for help from government authorities, rather look out for one another.

“STEP 1- Please wear your masks everyone. We are all on our own now and for each other . What I’ve gathered is – the system helps speed up the panic. Stay vigilant. Calm your nerves most importantly, don’t wait for government help.”

One of the important pleas that Ali Fazal made to his followers was to not hoard medical equipment. Several places in the country are reporting acute shortage of medicines that are required to treat Covid-19 patients, The Indian Express reported.

He further wrote, “Do not hoard. Because that is a mentality, not a solution. Stop yourself. Remember how our mothers budgeted for us? And taught us ? Yes. Apply that NOW. We do this together, we win this together. Our governmentt needs our help, not our money or the votes. That they have. So lets help.”