Young people to be reinfected with Covid for study

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19th April, 2021 08:12:43 printer

Young people to be reinfected with Covid for study

Healthy young people who have had Covid-19 are being asked to volunteer for a trial that will deliberately expose them to the pandemic virus.

The experts behind the study, beginning this month, want to see how the immune system copes second time round.

The ultimate aim is to design better treatments and vaccines.

Up to 64 people aged 18-30 will spend 17 days in a quarantine unit at a hospital suite and have numerous tests, including lung scans.

Develop symptoms

The first phase of this study, funded by the Wellcome Trust, will aim to establish the lowest dose of virus that can take hold and start replicating but produce few or no symptoms.

This dose will then be used to infect participants in the second phase of the study, expected to start in the summer.

Volunteers who develop symptoms will be given an antibody treatment to help them fight off the infection.

They will be discharged only when they are no longer contagious.